A Child’s Book of Poems


Title: A Child’s Book of Poems
Illustrated and Compiled by:
Gyo Fujikawa
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Alethea’s Review (at age 12):

Way down south where bananas grow,
A grasshopper stepped on an elephant’s toe.
The elephant said, with tears in his eyes,
“Pick on somebody your own size.”

The Grasshopper and the Elephant

More poems—200 of them, to be exact. With both beautifully coloured and black-and-white illustrations, Gyo Fujikawa brings the well-known, well-loved poems to life. The lengths of the poems range from the three-lined Lily Princess to the long, four-stanza Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. The best part of that is that young children’s short attention spans should be able to listen through one of the brief poems, while the older ones can read the long poetry. Apart from the poetry, the book has an index of titles, an index of first lines, and an index of authors. You should have no problem finding what you want. Three indexes!

Recommended for anyone who can understand English.


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